Heart of the Valley Growers Cooperative


Phoenix Farm Enterprises is a founding member of the new Heart of the Valley Growers’ Cooperative.

A newly incorporated organization formed to help meet the growing demand for locally and humanely grown, pasture raised poultry and other meats.

To do this, we are reaching out to established small farms and new growers with the goal of creating a thriving cooperative that helps farmers by lowering costs  by aggregating feed and supply purchases, as well as increasing revenues by helping them with marketing and sales. We currently have members that are pasture raising fryer chickens, both GMO and conventionally fed, ducks, turkey, rabbit, goat, lamb and pork. We also have members producing pasture raised chicken and duck eggs.

All our meat products are processed at ODA or USDA licensed facilities. One of our major goals is to create a local processing, storage and distribution center.

For more information contact HOV President Angela Andre 541 510 8888 angela@interact-nature.com

Check out our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/heartofthevalleycoop/