Phoenix Farm Fine Foods and Products

All our livestock are humanely raised on Organic Pasture

& fed Plank Town Brewery Spent Grain

No Hormones or Antibiotics

All our produce and grains and hay are grown with

No Herbicides or Pesticides

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Feeder Hay 50 lb bales
1 st cutting in barn $240 ton
Pick up in field $200 ton




Whole, Pastured, GMO-free

Cornish Cross Chicken

fresh or frozen

Wholesale 10+ $4.15/lb
Retail $4.50/lb


Pastured Duck Jumbo Pekin
Wholesale 10+ $6.50/lb
Retail $7.00/lb

Local food eugene oregon

Ground $9.00/lb
Ground Chorizo $9.00/lb
Leg $11.00/lb
Bones $3.00/lb
Livers and Hearts $5.00/lb
Whole Goat(on the hoof) $2.00/lb


Ground $9.00/lb
Loin $10.00/lb
Chops $10.00/lb
Rack $10.00/lb
Leg $11.00/lb
Bones $3.00/lb
Livers and Hearts $5.00/lb

turkeys on field

Pastured Turkey, GMO Free

Broad-Breasted Bronze

Pre Order by September

Whole, ~14 lb
(serves 9-12)
Whole, ~18 lb
(serves 12-14)
Whole, ~22 lb
(serves 14-16)

hot bunnies

Cage free Rabbits 

New Zealand/California crosses

Whole $7.00/lb

laying hens and grain

Eggs , GMO Free, pasture raised

ungraded, mixed size 1 dozen,

GMO-Free, no corn, no soy $5/dozen

*Prices are subject to change*