Farming Practices



ducks in the field

Phoenix Farm Enterprises, Inc. is dedicated to farming in an ecological manner that mimics Nature’s systems and cycles, without the use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, antibiotics or hormones. We strive to conserve and enhance our soil, water, plant and animal resources.

PFE farms on 30 acres of land that is owned by the McKenzie River Trust, in addition there are 60 acres of riparian forest along the Mc Kenzie River that are managed by MRT for conservation purposes.

Our goal is true sustainability.  Currently we provide nearly all our fertility needs by either direct fertilization by livestock or by using composted bedding (most of which is organic hay).

Our vegetable and grain production is grown using “uber” organic methods.  We use NO herbicides or pesticides. Most of our seed is either locally grown or saved by us.

Our fields are managed using mixed species rotational grazing. In addition, we use our goat herd for invasive species removal, clearing blackberry, teasel and reed canary grass. We harvest our organic hay , on which we don’t use chemical fertilizers, herbicides, or irrigation.

Our livestock are lovingly and humanely raised and spend most of their lives on pastures and are fed generous amounts of spent grain from Plank Town Brewing.











Our pasture-raised poultry eat GMO free feed, locally produced by Haystack Feed.

Conventional, Organic, or Pasture Raised. What’s the difference?

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