About Us

farm in April 022

Farm Director, Angela Andre has been farming in Oregon since 1974, when she moved to Oregon to become a “back to land hippie”.   She founded the Newport Farmers’ Market in 1977, it is now the second longest, continuously running famers’ market in the state. She got her BS in Natural Resources Education from Oregon State University in 2004. Angela loves teaching and sharing her knowledge and skills with people of all ages.   She is currently the Chairperson and President of the Heart of the Valley Growers’ Cooperative.





Matt was our 2018 season  poultry agripreneur. His interest in farming started during in an organic gardening class at the U of O. He completed his bachelor’s degree in business administration, all the while cultivating his interest in better food. He discovered the ills of the industrial food system and decided he would like to make a change. The health and environmental benefits of purchasing pasture-raised animal products stood out as an important alternative. After a few years of working with the USDA, he left and began a 6 month internship with Deck Family Farm. Equipped with new skills, confidence, and his loving partner Mariah tackled running our Poultry Agripeneurship. Matt successfully raised and marketed, 2,000 Cornish Cross meat birds, 400 Jumbo Pekin Ducks and 60 Double Breasted Bronze Turkeys.  Not to be out done Mariah produced twins this December. 


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