Phoenix Farm is now a registered Wwoof USA  farm. We are looking forward to meeting people from all over the world interested in learning about and practicing sustainable farming.

Phoenix Farm is now accepting applications for our Full Season Internships.

Interns are involved in all aspects of farm production including, goat herd management, poultry and rabbit production, vegetable production, marketing, construction and equipment maintenance as well as bookkeeping and budget planning.

The educational component of the internship includes, readings, discussions,  tours, workshops and conferences.  Farm Director Angela Andre has a BS in Natural Resources Education from OSU and has taught about natural resources for over 30 years.

Interns have their own room in the house and share a bathroom with at most 2-3 other people.

All food is provided, mostly from the farm and dinners are communal.  Interns are expected to prepare at least one dinner a week for the farm staff.

Besides room and board interns receive a graduating stipend that starts at $400 month raises as skills and dependability improve.

To apply send resume and cover letter to

Agripeneurships are available for those who have done internships and are ready to take it to the next level.

Agripeneurs lease on of our enterprises and are responsible for all aspects of production and sales.  The lease includes land, infrastructure, equipment and expert advice as well as access to our established markets.

Enterprises include: Poultry/ Rabbit  Production, Vegetable Production, Food Cart and Value Added, Goat/Sheep Herd and Hay Production.  Leases vary by enterprise.

For more information on Agripeneurships contact Angela at 
2018 Poultry Agripeneur Matt Coleman

Pasture raised 2,000 Cornish Cross, 60 Double Breasted Bronze Turkeys

and 400  Jumbo Pekin Ducks


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